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Please read carefully before using our website.

Apart from the administrator on this website, we have set 2 more users which are as follows.

  • General User: This type of user can be generally students and their parents who want to get information about educational institutions, examinations, courses etc. 
  • Institution Writer: This type of user can be the owner or member of any educational institution, who can upload the information of his institution on careerdirectory.in.

Terms & Condition (General User)

  1. The user has the right to rate and comment on the content available on the website, but take care not to use any abusive language or words.
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Terms & Condition (Author)

  1. An author can add Institute. 
  2. Always use oreginal image 
  3. do not upload illugel or copyright content. 
  4. Upload only oreginal information about Institute. 

If you agree with all above terms and condission then you can use our services. 

for any other information you can contact use 

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  • info@careerdirectory.in
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